Question about Brazil’s indgen variable in year 2000.

In the 2000 Brazilian census, I have not a single observation in the state of Acre for which the variable indgen indicates “mining” (indgen=20).

In comparison, still for Acre and the mining sector, I have:

-2 observations in 1980

-14 observations in 1991

-4 observations in 2010

Admittedly, the mining sector is very very small in this state whatever the year considered. However, I don’t believe it be completely inexistent in year 2000. In consequence, is there something wrong with my data extract?

Notice that the issue is not related to the percentage of data extracted in each year since it is for instance larger in 2000 (4%) than in 2010 (2%).

For the state of Acre in 2000, you should be seeing exactly one observation for the mining industry (INDGEN=20). While this is small, it is not inconsistent with the low frequencies of other Brazil samples. If you are not seeing even this one observation in your dataset, then I would recommend checking to make sure you have not limited your data extract in any additional ways. If not, then I would recommend resubmitting your extract and downloading it again.

Hope this helps.