Identifying information in NAPP data transferred to IPUMS-I


To my understanding, NAPP will be discontinued as an independent dataset from 2019 onwards, and will be merged with the IPUMS-International.

I wanted to know whether the existing US historical census data in NAPP which will be transferred to the IPUMS-International will include the personal identifiers i.e. the first name and last name, that were previously available in the NAPP (under NAMELAST, NAMEFIRST, and ADDRESS)? If not, is there a way to still get new data access to the censuses in the NAPP, which contain the personal identifier information, before it is discontinued?


Yes, these variable will be (read: are) available in the IPUMS International website. Note that the NAPP historical samples are currently all available in IPUMS International and the NAMELAST and NAMEFRST variable are available.