I really just want to look at some stuff.


Hello all,

All I need - the only thing - is a list of primary and secondary public and private school enrollment, by state, since 1840. I’ve been mucking around with STATA do files and Excel CSV for days and, even after following the instructions for opening a file to the letter, it produces gobbledegook (see screenshots).

Note that STATA is asking me to change the working directory, even though I already did that.

Thanks for any help you can provide!



What’s also weird is that my data extracts are like 6-700 MB in size, when this should maybe take like 200kb or whatever of space.



I just downloaded your most recent data extract on my computer and everything seems to be working properly. A couple of notes: (1) Make sure that the unzipped data file actually exists in the working directory you specify. (2) The screen shot you’ve sent of STATA indicates that it is still working through the .do file (see processing circle at the bottom of the window). Your data extract is quite large (106,877,748 observations), and depending on the capacity of your computer it can take quite some time for STATA to work through everything. (3) If you check out the availability tab on the SCHLTYPE variable, you’ll notice that this variable is only available for samples from 1960 onward.

I hope this is helpful.