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I am confused. For my class I have touse eviews to interpet my results. I would like to make data based on determing factors of females in the labor market. Some factors I would like to analize as independent varies are: living arrangements, Marriage, Single parents, unemployment rate, education level AS+, number of children in the house hold and cost of living in that state. Time Series. I have been using census data however I dont think I am utilizing the date properly. Professor will only help us once we gather the data. If you could please help me in gathering the data utilizing your side. Sorry for the long email. I wish you all had a phone number.


IPUMS has several online tutorials to help in the early stages of data acquisition. These are often very helpful for new users. If you still have questions, we can chat over the phone. Feel free to email me here and we can fix a time to talk.


I watch the videos. I am having trouble putting it in eviews bc it is saying file is to large. Can I reduce the sample size if I am doing a time series document?


Hi Kay:

If the file is too large you can limit the sample in a number of ways. Before finilizing your data extract there are a list of options for fine tuning your data extract. One of the options is “Select Cases”. This option allows you to limit your sample by a characteristic of one of your selected variables. Another option would be to open your data extrat in STATA or your prefered statistical softwear and edit the sample.

I hope this is helpful.


Nothing has helped. I dont know how to reduce my sample size if I am doing time series. Seems to defet the purpose. This is really beating me up. My data doesnt seem to have a lot of variables.

Could we talk when you are able to?

Hi Kay:

Please email me here, and we can set up a time to talk.