Hi there,I have problem getting some variables like Salary-Class, Country, Work-Class. It was used by some papers

In some of the research papers, they have this kind of sample as it has been used by some research paper who referred to your data sample.

Attribute Number of Distinct Values

Age 78

Gender 2

Education 17

Marital 6

Race 9

Work-Class 10

Country 83

Occupation 50

Salary-Class 50

My problem is that I couldn’t get the same sample with the same distinct values for each variable like Country, Occupation, work-class, and salary-class.

If you can help me I will really appreciate it.

Thank you.

I’d love to help you. If you could provide a bit more information on what sort of data you are trying to acquire, I can provide more detailed asssistance. Please email ipums@umn.edu and we can discuss your project in greater detail.