Data download issue Stata18


I’ve extracted a 5% sample for the US Census from IPUMS USA and also the lines of code to import these data into Stata (18 version).

When I run the code folder\filename.dat.gz, the matrix of data is full of missing observations.
Additional info: once downloaded the file extract is quite small in size (127MB), while on the webpage “Extract request” it says the file size is 1341.4MB.

Any help/consideration at this point is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Gabriele,

I was able to download and input the data from your extract #113 into Stata without encountering these missing observations. Regarding the difference in the file sizes, the Extract Request page reports the size of the file once it has been decompressed, while the 127MB refers to the compressed file size. I recommend reviewing these instructions for opening IPUMS extracts. Make sure that the downloaded .gz.dat file is decompressed; we recommend 7-zip for Windows users and the Unarchiver for Mac as free decompression software. I hope that helps!