I can't find documentation for several 1880 US census variables, e.g. bpldet and fbpldtus. Does it exist?

I am using 100% count data downloaded by previous staff, and there are several variables in the file that have no documentation on the NAPP website. Is there another document I should be searching for, or have the data been re-released since these files were downloaded? Some of the variables I’d like to understand are: bpldet, fbpldtus, mbpldtus, hamlaslt, incplcus, mcivdvus, mdstatus, metrous, occ, etc. There are many other variables I can’t find online either. Can anyone help point me to the right info?

You can find similarly-named variables by searching through the NAPP variables (integrated and unharmonized versions); however, the variables you listed do not exactly match any of our variable names. It appears that the previous users of your dataset have changed the variable names. I recommend trying to match the counts in your data to the counts found on the variable pages (e.g. MBPLUS). You might also consider trying to locate the original variable names in any of the syntax or data files used by your colleagues.

Hope this helps.