I am creating a chart using the raw data on CPI99 for the years 1999 through 2015. Do i need to give a citation?


I have read over the user’s agreement and have the short question above. I am just creating a chart that shows the effect of inflation over time on a stock using the data from this page for the years 1999 through 2015 (for most cases I have been using the Department of Labor raw data - your CPI99 was easier in some instances:


Should I use the citation as shown here for this simple usage of the data:


Do you have a shorter citation I can add to the chart that doesn’t take up so much real estate on the graph - I will add the long citation in the endnotes for the first chart that uses the data.


  • Pete


You have a couple options here. You could make note of this shorter citation within the graph itself: IPUMS CPS, University of Minnesota, www.ipums.org. Or you could write what you have written above - that you mostly use Department of Labor raw data, but use IPUMS CPS variable CPS99. Of course, in both cases it is good to include the longer citation at the end of the report.