Citation of dataset with added variables

Hi - I’m publishing a book that is based on IPUMS 100% samples for the city of Boston from 1880-1940. I used many IPUMS variables but also created new additional variables for the dataset. I want to create an accompanying website for the book so than anyone can access the underlying data that I used in the book, including the additional variables. But I wanted to confirm best practices for citation/giving credit to IPUMS-USA, and also what I should list as recommended citation for anyone who wanted to use my dataset. Thank you very much for your help!

Congratulations on your book! It is not permissible to redistribute any full count data from IPUMS USA; all users agree to this (and other terms of use) when registering to use IPUMS USA. This is in accordance with our agreement with Ancestry, which donated much of the transcribed data that we use for the complete count data. This means that readers will need to get the original full count files directly from IPUMS USA rather than your website associated with the book.

On your website, you should include the citation for IPUMS USA, which includes a link to the IPUMS USA website, where users can access these data. You may find it useful to highlight the Complete Count Data page and/or the VERISONHIST variable, in particular, in the event that the data change after the publication of your book.

Please reach out to us at to provide a bit more information about the variables you created using full count IPUMS USA; there may be ways to share these variables depending on content and scope.