How do I share my use of IPUMS-USA data on a website?

I remember that when I signed up, I agreed to informing IPUMS of the way in which I used the data. I can only find a submission option for academic publications but I am not a scientist or researcher. I just used 1850 census data as background information for my website on Mormon polygamy.…

Do I need to submit that and if so, how? Also, I would love feedback on the way I used the data. I don’t know a lot about statistics so if I’m doing it all wrong, don’t hesitate to tell me!

It is not necessary to submit a website article to the IPUMS bibliography. We do recommend including in your article the shortened citation found here: IPUMS-USA, University of Minnesota,

Thank you for letting us know about your article. We like to hear about all of the great uses of the IPUMS data!

OK, thanks. I used the full citation as I have a bibliography page on my website.