Year-specific data citation in IPUMS-CPS


I would like to cite IPUMS for statistics I’ve calculated using 2016 CPS data. The suggested citation here has the year 2015. Why is this? It seems odd to write about 2016 statistics and then cite a data source with year 2015. Is there another appropriate way to cite that data that is year-specific?

Thank you!


We are planning on updating the citation in the near future, but for now we would apprecite if you use the citation information currently posted on the website. I agree that it is strange to cite “2015” for 2016 data, but the “2015” is actually refering to the metadata and recoding framework. We are planning on developing an archiving structure to allow us to upate the citation annually, but until then “2015” is the official year of publication.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you so much for this answer!