How to create a pums file for one state? Limits problem

I trying to create a PUMS file of NYC for the years 1990, 2000, 2010 (5yr) and 2015 (5yr). Also want to include all persons who work in NYC regardess of where they live.

I keep get message that the file is too big. I don’t know how to create the file without dividing the process into create many many files.

We also want to work on an analysis of PUMS for the US and Puerto Rico. There was a time when we could download the PUMS for the entire US. Now I can’t download the PUMS for NYS. Is there a way to get around this size limitation problem?

Joseph P

It seems the IPUMS extract system is tricking itself here. There is a maximum file size which is generally in place for the sake of our servers and also to nudge users toward using smaller and more manageable datasets. In your case, your file should be smaller than this maximum size due to that you are limiting your file to only New York state. It seems that the maximum file size restriction does not recognize the “select cases” sample size limitations. So, although your file is surely below the maximum the IPUMS extract system doesn’t see it that way. I’m going to email the IT team and have them increase your maximum file size.