Revise and resubmit an extract


I am trying to revise and resubmit an extract. I want to download ACS 2007-11 PUMS for 10 states. When I revise the original extract from 20 to 10 states, I keep getting a message that file would be too large. I certainly downloaded the file with 20 states, why won’t it download 10 states. I’ve even tried down loading just 3 states and it still doesn’t work. Solutions?



I am not sure why your extract was being flagged for size. When I looked into your extracts everything seemed to be working fine. You will see a new extract (#64) on your extract page, which we submitted as a test. It is a revision of extract #60, selecting only 10 states, and it seems to have been submitted correctly. Let me know if a different extract was giving you problems.

If you continue to experience this problem I recommend trying to revise your extract from another browser. If that doesn’t work, I recommend reconstructing the extract from scratch. If that also doesn’t work, let me know and I will contact you directly to see if we can determine where the error is originating.



I tried using old extract 45 and 46 becuase of big difference between ind an indnaics for the US (all states). I think download was corrupted

Yesterday and today, I’ve not be able to resubmit my old extracts using Firefox or Internet Explorer even the the size limits should be ok.

Created a new extract (i think extract 65 for Alabama to Florida 2007-11acs but can’t submit it using Internet explorer. Seems like my account is just freezing up