How do you find data for a region or province for Indonesia?

I need to find life expectancy, GNI per Capita , mean years of schooling, and expected years of schooling… but for a specific region of Indonesia.


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IPUMS provides microdata, which are individual records containing information collected on persons and households. If weighted properly, this microdata can be used to estimate information for geographic areas. In the Indonesian samples, you can identify provinces (GEO1_ID or GEO1_IDX) and regencies (GEO2_IDX). The PERWT variable indicates the number of persons in the actual population represented by the person in the sample. If you sum PERWT by geography, this will give you an estimate of the total population.

You might find that it is not possible to directly calculate all of the statistics you have listed. It sounds as if the variables available for age, education, and income will be of the most interest to you. Note that income information is limited to the 1976 and 1995 Indonesian samples. I recommend referencing the online tutorials and the FAQ section for more information about using IPUMS data.

Hope this helps.