Trying to locate a village identifier in the Indonesian 2010 Census data set, but not sure where to find it?

In the context of an impact evaluation study of a development project implemented in Papua, Indonesia, I would like to identify suitable comparison villages to villages in which a development project was implemented. For that purpose, I would like to aggregate household characteristics at the village level. However, I do not seem to find any village identifiers in the 2010 Indonesian Census data set? I am probably missing something, but I can only find province and district identifiers, and no village identifiers. Would it be possible to guide me to the relevant variable? Thanks.

The lowest level of geography available in the 2010 Indonesia sample is the district (regency). Identifiers for geographic areas that might contain fewer than 20,000 people, such as villages, are typically not available in the IPUMS data due to confidentiality restrictions.

I understand. Thanks for your prompt reply.