How do I find the data file:Ipumsi_00001.dat for the 1974

How do I find the data file: Ipumsi_00001.dat for the 1974 & 2008 harmonized data for Liberia in the IPUMS Int’l website? I need this data file inorder to be able to run the command file.

Konia T. Kollehlon

It looks like your first data extract was hidden; I’ve unhidden it for you. In the future, from your extracts page, if you click “show all” on the far right column, you will be able to see anything that has been checked/hidden. Unchecking the box will unhide the extract.

Additionally, since you made this first extract over 3 years ago, you will need to resubmit it (data files will be available for 72 hours, after which they are subject to deletion). Keep in mind that some samples/variables may no longer be available or may have changed. Alternatively, it looks like you have a second extract that is more recent that contains similar information. If you save the data file and the command file for extract 2 (i.e. ipumsi_00002), you will be able to analyze the data. Some help videos are available here.