How can I recreate the table showing variable availability in an extract?

At some moment in the past I figured out a way to display the data in a given ipums-CPS extract that showed all the variables contained in that extract and also showed the periods for which each variable was available, in tabular form (but limited to the periods contained within the extract). I did a cut-and-paste of those html tables into a single spreadsheet, which let me easily find the years when variables changed, count the variables I was using for each year, etc. This was especially useful in tracking the many changes in income definitions and aggregation.

With another year of data I have downloaded most of that information again, with some changes, and I wish to do the same thing. But I find that I have forgotten how to get to the variable-by-available-dates tabular view for a given extract, and I am starting to think this table is only available at some intermediate point in an extract’s creation, and not after it is finalized. That would be unfortunate, if true.

Can you tell me how to get to, or to recreate, those tables for a completed extract?

It sounds like the table you are describing is the summary that the “View Cart” page provides. You are correct that this is an intermediate step in the extract creation process, however you can recover this information. Go to your “Download and Revise Extracts” page and click “revise.” This will bring you back to the “Extract Request” page. By clicking the “Change” button on the variable line, you will to go back to the “Select Data” landing page with all of the variables and samples that are included in your extract selected. If you click on the “View Cart” button you should find the summary table you are looking for.

Thanks Jeff! That’s just what I wanted.