Extracting variables from IPUMS CPS

When extracting variables from the IPUMS-CPS website, can I extract household and person variables in the same extract or do I need to create two different extracts and then merge?

Yes, all variables that are added to your data cart are included in a single extract regardless of whether they are household or person-level variables. In this regard, IPUMS allows users to select whether they want their data provided in a hierarchical data file or be rectangular on the person-level. The former provides separate household and person-level records within the extract each with their own variables, while the latter merges data from household records to person records within the household and does not retain the households as separate records. These format options are available in the extract request page once you’ve added samples and variables to your data cart, viewed your cart, and selected to create your extract. Simply click on Change under the Structure heading and select between these options (see screenshots).