is it possible to extract ipums-cps data with some cps original technical variables such as "phseq" and "pppos"?

To match IPUMS-CPS with other data, I need original “pppos” and “phseq” variables. I am wondering whether it is possible to extract those variables; if not, whether any IPUMS-CPS variables are identical with “pppos” and “phseq” variables.

These original CPS variables are not available in the IPUMS-CPS data. However, since IPUMS and NBER files share the same sort order, you can sequentially merge (i.e. first observation to first observation, second to second, etc.) your IPUMS-CPS extract with the corresponding unsorted CPS data file from NBER. This will attach the variables ph-seq and pppos to your IPUMS-CPS extract. Please verify your merge by comparing values of sex, age, and race before and after the merge.

Hope this helps.