When updating an extract, how do I keep all the variables I previously select?

Last year I put together a list of extracts that collectively include nearly all of the ASEC, all of the income and asset-related quality variables I have been able to identify, several Suppliments, and a few recent years of Monthlys. They are organized to be thematically arranged while not exceeding a maximum memory size when loaded, splitting some of the IPUMS CPS catagories and combining others. (I am an R user, and we face memory constraints.) I just spent a couple of hours reviewiwing the samples, which I put together last year, and adding the 2018 ASEC, annother Suppliment, and another year of Monthlies.

However, when I was about half-way through the updating process, I realized that all my resubmitted samples were showing up with only the eight pre-selected variables. Clearly, that is not what I was trying to do in resubmitting my previous samples.

I assume there is some way to preserve your variable selection when you re-submit a sample, something I need to be doing that I am not. Can someone tell me what it is?

From your extracts page, if you choose the “revise” option, you should be able to preserve the information that was previously selected then subsequently add/remove samples and variables from that selection. The exception will be any samples or variables that have been deleted or whose names have changed – these items will automatically be removed.

I pulled up your account and tested a few of your previous extracts. It looks like the information is being preserved as you would expect. Would you mind identifying the specific extracts (by extract number) that you are trying to revise? You can either comment here or email ipums@umn.edu.

I think this was simply a mistake on my part. After selecting variables the data selection dialog shows you a set of variables that looks like the variables in your sample, but unless you first select CART, it is usually only a subset of those variables.