How can I get the commune / ward names for the Vietnam 2009 census. I have access to only the raw data with refs

I must connect these references to names to give them spatial value. So for example in the ss file, you can find:

110 “Ha Noi”
111 “Ha Tay”
120 “Hai Phong”
130 “Hai Hung”

and so on…

and also…
001 “Ba Dinh”
002 “Hoan Kiem”
003 “Tay Ho”
004 “Long Bien”
for all districts.

I don’t even know the name of the lable for the next level. Any ideas? dave

Detailed geography codes below the level of district are best acquired from the General Statistics Office of Vietnam to be sure that they actually correspond to the raw data. Do you have raw data for the short form, long form or both? “TenXa” may be what you are seeking. The enumeration form which identifies the geography is available in Vietnamese and English here: