Where can I find Arrondissement and Village identifiers in Cameroon census data?


I would like to cluster households at the village level for an analysis of demographic factors influencing village level land use and land cover change in Cameroon using the 1976, 1987 and 2005 census data. However, I’m only able to locate geographic identifiers down to the district level. Are these variables always removed for confidentiality purposes? Is there any way to obtain this information?

Thank you.



The lowest level of geography in the Cameroon microdata is arrondissement, which can be found in the variable ARRNDCM. The variable is available for all three of your sample years, but keep in mind that it has been harmonized by name alone, so boundaries may have changed over time. Also, arrondissements that have populations under 20,000 have been combined with neighboring arrondissements to maintain the anonymity of respondents.

Hope this helps.



I completely missed that variable somehow. This is fantastic. Thank you!