Urban variable in Vietnam data


How can I find out which geographic areas are considered urban and which are considered rural in the Vietnam data? I’d like to have more specific data for the “URBAN” variable. It would also help to know if the geographic area was determined at the province, district, or another level.


More detail about differences in the URBAN variable across samples can be found on the comparability tab. Specifically for Vietnam samples: “In 1989, places designated as urban included all cities and provincial towns. A district town was considered urban if it was an administrative or industrial center of the district, it had 2000 or more population, and over half its workforce was outside of agriculture. In 1999 and 2009, urban areas include urban districts of cities, urban quarters and towns. All other local administrative units (communes) are rural.”

Additionally, regarding more specific information about geographic area identification in IPUMS International, check out the country specific geography variables. (See, e.g., GEO1_VN1989, GEO1_VN1999, or GEO2_VN2009) In Vietnam, the “level 1” geography is the province and the “level 2” geography is the district. Finally, a complete list of all geography variables available in IPUMS International is available on this page.

Thank you for this response. This is very helpful. I’m trying to identify rural-to-urban migrants by specifying the urban provinces in Vietnam. How can I find a list of the locations that would be considered urban based on the criteria that you described?

Since the microdata available via IPUMS International do not identify geographic areas at the town level, it is not possible to find a list of towns (or other such low-level geographic areas) categorized as being either urban or rural. Instead, you can cross-tabulate the URBAN variable with one of the available geographic identifier variables (such as, GEO1_VN1989). This will show you the share of individuals who live in a rural area or urban area within each identified area in the given geographic identifier.