How can I extract all subcategories in detail?

I want a detailed extract with each activity as an individual variable - I’m trying to match the BLS survey pdf (eg. structure which shows a full detail/heirarchy of time use activities.
eg. I want to see the time for ‘General or other personal care’ separate from ‘Imputed personal or household care’, and separate from ‘Sleep’ etc. for all the time use categories. I don’t want to create 93 individual variables, esp when I’m specifically not aggreagating into defined variables, but I just want to full detailed data.

Or is there a full download file?

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You can add all the BLS categories of time use by checking all the variables in the group on this page.

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That’s great! That totally worked, and/but is there an equivalent page/navigation to do the same for the AHTUS sub-categories?

Thank you!

Unfortunately IPUMS AHTUS doesn’t currently have all the detailed time use variables pre-made for downloading. You’ll need to create the individual time use variables yourself through this page.