Is there a way to download individual time use variables separately, not as as aggregate, on ATUS-X?

Every time I download individual time use variables, say, by selecting 20 time use variables, when I download the extract, I found they are aggregated into a single custom variable. I want to use concrete, detailed categories rather than merged/aggregated custom categories. Is there a way to download multiple time use variables in their individual categories through ATUS-X, other than downloading one by one separately multiple times?

I think the issue here may be that you are constructing created time use variables out of serveral activities, but wish to see the time use corresponding to each activity individually.

If you select multiple activities when creating your time use variable then the time use for each of these activities will be aggregated together in that variable. Instead, you’ll want to create a time use variable for each individual activity you are interested in, and add each of these created time use variables to your extract. As long as you add the variables individually they should show up individually in your data.