Disagreement in created time use variable documentation ATUS


I have a bunch of time use variables that I’ve created with ATUS-X.

For some of them, the included time use activities that show up when I select ‘load’ the variable that i created, are different than the activities listed when I just click on the variable in ‘my time use variables’ and the pop up comes up.

(for instance, activitiy 080800 is listed when i click on ‘create variable’ and then load a pre-existing variable X; when i go to ‘my time use variables’ and click on that same variable ‘X’, the value for activity 080800 does not show up as being part of that variable).

which is more correct?



This does sound very strange. I am not quite able to replicate the exact observation you are describing. That is, all of your customized variables have identical documentation when viewed in the “Create Time Use Variable” window or in the “My Time Use Variables” window. If this issue seems to persist, perhaps you can send more detail about a specific time use variable that seems to be troublesome. The best way to check the accuracy of these descriptions is to include the raw ACTIVITY variable into your data extract and verify the activities included in a customized time use variable.