Download the entire set of disagregated time use variables

Hi all,

I want to download the entire set of time use activitiy variables (around 430). Is there a way to do that without creating them one-by-one from through the “create variable from scratch” tab? It will take me ages to do that.
Thank you in advance.

Although there is no direct way to download the full set of time use variables from IPUMS ATUS-X without using the “create time-use variable” functionality, you can essentially replicate what the “create time-use variable” tool does in your own statistical software package. To do this, select “change data structure” and change it to either hierarchical or rectangular (activity). You can read about these data structures at this FAQ. You can then summarize the data from each activity for each person, giving the total minutes spent on that activity during the day (the sum of DURATION within each level of ACTIVITY).

Another alternative is to use the Activity Summary Files available directly from BLS. You can then join these to your IPUMS extract using the linking ID CASEID. This corresponds to TUCASEID available on the BLS files.