Time range as column for ATUS, AHTUS, MTUS dataset

Usually, the columns are activities like

… Eating Working



But I want to have something like

…00:00~00:10 00:00~00:20

Person1 … Eating … Working

Person2 …Sleeping …Eating

From ATUS-X, AHTUS-X, or MTUS-X, can I download dataset in such formats?

Unfortunately, the IPUMS online data extract system is not able to extract data in the format you have indicated. The only options for changing the format of the data are Rectagular (i.e. includes household-level data appended on each person-level record) or Hierarchical (i.e. includes household, person, and activity-level data as separate records). You’ll need to manipulate the data into the format you are describing above using your preferred statistical software.