Housing type (single vs multifamily) and income

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for PUMA-level (or any-level) data which provides relationship between income and housing type and/or tenure type.

B25003 provides tenure data (owner vs renter occupied) and B25024 provides singe and multifamily housing counts.

I’m looking for data or area estimates of the relationship between income and housing structure or tenure. For example, distribution of income for single family housing or multi-family housing.

Thank you!

There are a few tables from IPUMS NHGIS that include information on income and housing tenure. I am not sure what year(s) of data you are looking for, but using 2010 as an example, at the PUMA level, there are:

  • Table B25118 Tenure by Household Income in the Past 12 Months
  • Table B25119 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months by Tenure
  • Table B25120 Aggregate Household Income in the Past 12 Months by Tenure and Mortgage Status

Table B25073 Units in Structure by Gross Rent as a Percentage of Household Income in the Past 12 Months may be useful to you, but it only includes renter-occupied units and does not include income, only rent as a percentage of household income.

In the data finder, I would recommend selecting Household and Family Income under topics and various housing topics (one at a time, in combination with income) to browse which tables are available for the year(s) you are interested in.

You can also use IPUMS USA to obtain data on household or personal income and housing tenure and type. IPUMS USA provides microdata from the U.S. decennial census and American Community Survey (ACS), while IPUMS NHGIS aggregates these data at a variety of geographic levels, such as PUMA, and provides summary tables. In IPUMS USA microdata, each observation is a person or household. In IPUMS NHGIS data, each observation is a geographic area, such as a specific PUMA. Using microdata allows you to create essentially whatever tables you want, constrained only by what variables are available in the data. IPUMS NHGIS tables are pre-constructed, so there are limitations on to the variable combinations or cross-tabulations you can obtain.

IPUMS USA has the variable UNITSSTR, which reports the number of housing units in the structure containing the household. You can use this variable to determine if the household resides in a single-family or multi-family dwelling. OWNERSHP reports the tenure of the housing unit where the household resides. And various variables report different types of income, such as personal income, family income, and household income. PUMA is identified in the IPUMS USA microdata as well.

If you are unfamiliar with IPUMS USA and would like to know about additional resources for getting started using the platform, please feel free to reply here.