Average income by metro area, filtered to renters

I want a table showing me average income by metro area, filtered to people renting. How would I do this?

For estimates using geographically aggregated units such as metro area, I would recommend using IPUMS NHGIS. Unlike individual-level microdata in IPUMS USA, IPUMS NHGIS releases Census tables of summary statistics on various geographic levels for select topics and cross tabulations. This allows researchers to analyze data on more detailed geographic levels than what’s available in the microdata. New users should refer to the accompanying user guide, which includes short video tutorials on the Data Finder tool and other resources that are available on the website. To find the table that you mention, you will want to include Tenure and Mortgage Status and Household and Family Income as your topics filter, Core Based Metropolitan Statistical Area as your geographic level filter, and 2022 as your year filter to get the most recent data. The table B25119 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars) by Tenure will give you the median household income for occupied, owner occupied, and renter occupied units by metro area.