Correspondence file: Met2013 and metarea

Dear all

I am wondering whether there is any correspondence file that maps metarea into met2013?

My goal would be to compute averages at the metropolitan level (from 1980 onwards) and relate these to the recent ASC files.
I appreciate that these geographical boundaries have shifted from metarea to met2013. At the same time, in those instances where this is the case, one should still be able to calculate the met2013 averages as combinations of (population-weigted) metarea.

Are there any correspondence files that would help to do this?

Many thanks in advance!

There is no simple way to do this. Currently there are no harmonized metro codes connecting years before 2000 and after 2012, though IPUMS does have plans to extend MET2013 back to 1990 in the next few months. Please see this forum post for some ideas on how to construct a linkage yourself. At this point there are no plans to harmonize back to 1980, but I have passed your interest in this along to the IPUMS USA geography team as they consider future updates.