Metropolitan areas fips codes across the years

Across the years, it became evident to me that there some metropolitan areas recieve different metfips codes in some samples, sometimes due to one are being incorprated in another, sometimes an area can be separeted into several, and sometimes seemingly at random. In order to compare data in the metropolitan level, one needs to designate a unique and stable code for each metropolitan area, but I failed to find any data that can help me to connect the different codes. Is there some sort of table or file that documents the change in codes of each metropolitan area over the years?

Thank you.

The IPUMS variable MET2013 uses consistent boundaries over time using the 2013 OMB definitions of metro areas, for the years 2005 and later. METAREA uses the 1999 OMB definitions for years 2000-2011, but is not available after 2011. For earlier years, the areas are not always consistent through time. This page includes tables of county compositions of metro areas over time.

You may find the CBSA delineation files for each year helpful (link). The relationship files available here might also be useful.