how to use METFIPS

This is a follow up question. I understand that Metfips is change over time.

I interested in data from 2005 to 2016. so I checked the “Codes” from the data description page.

And I realize that in this time period, the code has changed one time at 2014. And I find the following webpage:

Metropolitan area codes: May 2014 onward:…

Metropolitan area codes: May 2004-April 2014:…

I don’t know how to use this information. How do I match the codes in two pages?

METFIPS provides the original metropolitan codes for each respondent’s residence. Because both these codes and the classification of metropolitan areas change over time, METFIPS is a difficult variable to use when analyzing samples across several years. The METAREA variable uses a standard coding system across time, and although terminology for metropolitan areas and the classification of specific areas changes over time, the general concept is consistent: a metropolitan area consists of a large population center and adjacent communities that have a high degree of economic and social interaction.

I hope this helps.