Is MET2013 consistent from 2015-present?

Can I use this variable to merge data on metro level?

MET2013 codes identify the same metro areas (2013 OMB delineations) for all samples through 2015, and as IPUMS releases new ACS samples, MET2013 will continue to use the same delineations and codes. (2015 is the currently the latest year for which ACS PUMS are available.)

However, not all 2013 metro areas are identified by MET2013, and the set of identified metro areas changes somewhat from sample to sample. This is because the smallest geographic units identified in PUMS are PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Areas), which often straddle county and metro area boundaries. MET2013 identifies a metro area only if the PUMAs in the area align well with the metro area boundaries (within a 15% population error tolerance).

See the MET2013 variable description and codes for more information.