Construct PWMETRO for 2012-onward ACS using PWPUMA00


I wish to construct “pwmetro” variable for 2012-onward ACS samples.

I have been able to identify the relationship between new PUMAs and (2010 version) PWPUMA00 codes, but I am not sure how to construct “place of work MSAs” using PWPUMA00? How can I identify which PWPUMA00 fall into particular MSA? (any mapping files similar to MET2013 crosswalk files?…)

Many thanks!

why pwmetro metarea categories different?

As it happens, we recently completed our internal work to produce a new “PWMET13” variable that will supply 2013 metro area codes for 2000 and 2005-2016 samples. We plan to release the variable later this fall, in mid-October at the earliest.

Before then, you can make use of the attached supplementary files, which correspond (just as you suggested) with the MET2013 crosswalk files. I see that the User Forum system has truncated the file names, so that two of the files now have the same name (PWMET13_match_errors.xls). They both describe match errors between 2013 MSA’s and 2000 PWPUMA’s, but one uses 2000 populations (for 2000 samples) and the other uses 2010 populations (for 2005-2011 ACS samples).

Our code assignment protocol for PWMET13 will match MET2013’s: we’ll assign an MSA code to a PWPUMA if more than 50% of the PWPUMA’s population resides in the MSA _and_ the sum of omission and commission errors for the MSA is less than 15%.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reply to this post.

MIGMET131_PWMET13_ma.xls (88.5 KB)
MSA2013_MIG-PW-PUMA2.xls (221 KB)
MSA2013_PWPUMA2000_c.xls (372 KB)
PWMET13_match_errors-1.xls (90 KB)
PWMET13_match_errors.xls (89.5 KB)