Congressional District - 2018 5 year ACS by

Hi, Do you happen to know when the 2018 5 year ACS by Congressional District will be available?
Will it be still be 115th congressional district or 116th?

I thought some of the 2018 5-year housing statistics is already available. But when I tried to add in 115th or 116th Congressional District, only 2017 and 2016 data show up. Would you advice?

Thanks so much!

2018 5-year ACS data tables are available now for 116th congressional districts on NHGIS.

If I select a Geographic Level filter for this level on NHGIS, I see 2,439 source tables are available from both the 2018 1-year dataset and 2018 5-year datasets.

Maybe you’re also looking for an NHGIS shapefile for 116th congressional districts? It’s true that we haven’t yet published the 2018 NHGIS shapefiles, which will include a 116th CD shapefile. We expect to get those out in about 1-2 weeks.

Thank you, Jon! I just re-ran it and it, and this time 2013-2018 data showed up. Thanks so much!