2018-2022 ACS data by congressional district

Hi, I’m wondering when 5-year 2018-2022 ACS data by congressional district (118th) will be available?
The available congressional district on data selector/filter are for 116th, 115th and backwards. And no data from 5-year 2018-2022 ACS shows after selecting any of the available congressional district. Per Census, 5-year 2018-2022 ACS is based on 118th congressional district? I’d appreciate any advice.

Actually 5-year 2018-2022 ACS data by ANY congressional district (may not be 118th? )

Thank you for providing details about this issue. NHGIS does include 2018-2022 5-year ACS data for congressional districts (118th), but it can be difficult to find because we failed to add this new level as a Data Filter option when we added the 2022 ACS datasets. So you’re correct that the Geographic Levels Data Filter currently doesn’t display 118th congressional districts as an option. We’ll try to correct that soon!

To get 2018-2022 5-year data for congressional districts right now, you can proceed by using other data filters. You could use a Years filter for 2018-2022, a Topics filters for any subjects that interest you in the ACS data, or Datasets filters for either 2018_2022_ACS5a or 2018_2022_ACS5b. (The “c” and “d” datasets don’t provide data for congressional districts, but the “a” and “b” datasets do.) Then you can see which tables are available for these datasets and select and add what you’d like to your Data Cart. When you continue to the Options page, you’ll be able to “Select Geographic Levels” there, and the list of options should include the 118th congressional districts.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you, Jon! Really appreciate your speedy reply and insights into the data filter. Yes, I successfully retrieved the data by188th congressional districts using the alternative solution you adviced. Thanks again for all your help!