How to get ACS 1-year & 5-year data at different levels of geography?

I wish to get 1-year and 5-year ACS estimates at smallest possible levels of geography but the dataset I downloaded from IPUMS doesn’t seem to be having any such variable. Could anyone help with this?

Thank you!

It sounds like you are using the public use microdata from the US Census available on IPUMS USA. If this is the case, the lowest level of geographic identification available in these data is the PUMA (public use microdata area). If you are looking for more detailed geographic identification, you may find the aggregated tables available through IPUMS NHGIS useful. This project provides access to previously aggregated statistics at geographic levels as low as the census tract. The trade-off between IPUMS USA and IPUMS NHGIS relates to geographic identification and flexibility when calculating statistics. In IPUMS USA you are able to calculate any statistic you’d like but you are limited by geographic identification only down to the PUMA level. In IPUMS NHGIS you are able to identify very small geographic areas but are limited to the statistics that have already been aggregated.

Hi Jeff!
Thanks for responding.
I actually checked off the “1-year” and “5-year” ACS estimates while choosing my sample from IPUMS USA.
Does IPUMS NHGIS also include the above mentioned yearly estimates?

Thank you.

Yes, IPUMS NHGIS includes both the 1-year and 5-year ACS data.

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So I just tried to put some basic demographics, 2017 ACS 1-year, and geographies to my filter at IPUMS NHGIS. It doesn’t show me any data source tables after applying the filter.
Is there anything that I may be doing wrong?

It sounds like you may be specifying selection filters that are too narrow. Note that the tables must meet all of the specified selection filters together. I’d recommend searching for one demographic statistic at a time.