Help with PUMA use in Stata

Hello IPUMS community,

I am a student and i am using the IPUMS Database for my Bachelors thesis. I am using the 2018 Database only. Unfortunately I am quite overwhelmed on how exactly to use the Variables (PUMA, STATEFIP, COUNTYFIP & City…)

If I want to know, e.g. how many people of one race live in a certain State or city, how do I do that in Stata? I don´t understand, how to combine the variables and which one exactly to use.

I hope someone can help out in any way possible, thank you

These tutorials and exercises should help you practice using IPUMS in Stata. The exercises provide sample code that you can tailor to your specific needs; specifically, Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 for the USA project using Stata will be most useful for you. Make sure you use sample weights for population estimates since the ACS is a sample survey (more on using sample weights in this blogpost).

Also, if you’re only looking for basic summary statistics, you might not need to use microdata from IPUMS USA. You can find a wide range of summary tables for states, counties, cities or PUMAs from IPUMS NHGIS.

Note that to get summary tables for cities, you should select the “Place” geographic level (which includes both incorporated and unincorporated places).

And if you want to load IPUMS NHGIS data into Stata, select the “fixed width” format when you make your data request. That format comes with a control file to support loading the data into Stata.