Can the counts of individual IPUMS USA data be summed and weighted to be representative at the PUMA level?

I need PUMA level data for 2002, 2005, 2008 in NYC to pair with a NYC HVS analysis that I’m doing. ACS data doesn’t have it for 2002 or 2005. So, I was thinking of using IPUMS USA data. Could I sum the counts and then weight them to be representative of the PUMAs in NYC?

If so, any help would be appreacited.

Yes, US Census and ACS data is, generally speaking, representative at the PUMA level. Of course, if you are counting relatively small sub-groups within PUMAs then your estimates may have a relatively large margin of error. In general, however, it sounds like what you want to do will be valid.

Ok…good to confirm. Another question, then, how com the US Census ACS does not have data at the PUMA level for 2001-2005, but IPUMS ACS does? I was under the impression that the ACS started in 2006. If so, how is there data for IPUMS for 2001-2005?