Census housing questions from 1940 and 1950

Hi, I would like to use the year in which a building was constructed for 1940 and 1950. It appears that the question was asked, but the variable BUILTYR is only available staring in 1960. Is this information available for the earlier census through IPUMS? Thanks!

The question corresponding to the variable BUILTYR was asked in the 1940 and 1950 Censuses in the housing schedule (the section of the Census about housing). Beginning in 1940, the housing and population schedules from the Census are distinct (housing schedules were typically on the reverse side of the population schedule). Unfortunately, only the population schedules were preserved for 1940, and in 1950, only the population schedules were copied to microfilm; neither is included in IPUMS USA. Beginning in 1960, the housing schedule is reincorporated as part of the long-form (until it is again relocated to the ACS).