OWNERSHP in 1950 Census

The variable OWNERSHP is listed as not “available” for 1950 even though the question seems to have been asked of the 1% sample. Does anyone know the reason why? Will the original data from the 1% sample be released in 2022 (the 72 year rule), or only the data from full Census?

In 1950, only the housing schedule included a question about ownership (not the population schedule). Beginning in 1940, the housing and population schedules from the Census are distinct (housing schedules were typically on the reverse side of the population schedule). Unfortunately, only the population schedules were preserved for 1940, and in 1950, only the population schedules were copied to microfilm; neither is included in IPUMS USA. A question about ownership was included on both the population and housing schedules in 1940, which is why OWNERSHP is available in 1940 via IPUMS. Beginning in 1960, the housing schedule is reincorporated in the PUMS data as part of the long-form (until it is again relocated to the ACS).

IPUMS USA did re-release the 1940 1% sample with new geographical variables once the data were no longer restricted by confidentiality requirements. I would expect that the 1950 sample will also be updated with detailed geography. Names and literal address strings are not typically included in IPUMS public use versions of historical Census data.