Brazil household income (BR2010A_INCMOHH) units

I’m working with 2010 Brazil census data, and it seems the units of the monthly household income are not in Reais (starting at 1101110 and going to 2807120).

Does anyone know what units these numbers are in?


After discussing this with the IPUMS International Team, it seems this is caused by a known issue with the source variables in the 2010 Brazil sample. This issue is fixed and will show up on the IPUMS International website with the next data release. In the meantime, we can send you a data file containing the correct source variables for the 2010 Brazil sample. You can expect to hear from us via email before the end of the week.

That would be great, thank you Jeff!

Before you send out the data file: I’m using some other buggy source variables as well; will the corrected file contain all of them?

Or may I send you a list of the variables I need for you to include them as well?



Yes, the corrected file will contain all source variables from the 2010 Brazil sample.