Brazil 2000 : missing municipality of birth question

The text and coding of the question in the IPUMs data is a bit misleading. According to Ipums:

desc This variable indicates whether the person was born in the municipality where he/she is currently living.
|0|NIU (not in universe)|12,302,283|

This is a literal translation of the variable “4.17 - NASCEU NESTE MUNICÍPIO?”.

But if you flow the questionnaire, this question is only reached with you answer no to a previous question:

therefore the NIU cases are all people born in the current municipality

Should I communicate these problems here or by email (I rather do it here). Do I still get a mug?:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this question. I think the documentation is correct, but it is always good to double check these details as they can be a bit confusing. The universe for the BR2000A_BORNMUN variable is: “Persons who have lived in a municipality different from the current one.” This seems to be consistent with the screener question (4.15) which asks whether an individual has lived in this town since they were born. Therefore, in BR2000A_BORNMUN, all NIU cases are individuals who have always lived in the same municipality, and therefore were born in the current municipality. Those with BR2000A_BORNMUN==1 “Yes” are those who have lived in a different municipality but were born in their current municipality. Finally, those with BR2000A_BORNMUN==2 “No” are those who have lived in a different municipality and were born in a different municipality.