API with R Extraction Not Processing

Hi IPUMS team,

I am attempting to use the ipumsr package to obtain data from the IPUMS API for the first time. Following the workflow here (IPUMS Data and R • ipumsr) I ran the following code:

acs_2022_ext <- define_extract_usa(
  description = "Example ACS extraction",
  samples = "us2022a",
  variables = list("AGE", "METRO", "POVERTY")

acs_2022_ext_submitted <- submit_extract(acs_2022_ext)


After many minutes the command continues to return FALSE. I then made the same request using the IPUMS USA website. The extraction was ready in a matter of seconds while the original extraction ordered via the API still said QUEUED (screenshot attached).

Please advise on how best to use to API.

Thank you,


I just reran this today and the extraction was available immediately.

The time it takes an extract to complete is both a combination of the size (number of datasets, number of tables) of your extract as well as the number and size of extracts of others requesting data. We process requests submitted via API and those submitted through the web interface in different queues, so occasionally one may be faster than the other based on how many others are requesting data via that format. I am pleased to hear that you were able to get your data file.