Any chance that instructions for R users would be provided?


Any chance that instructions for R users would be provided?


Although R seems to be used more and more, we currently don’t have much documentation for the use of R with IPUMS datasets. Technically, since IPUMS data is stored in fixed-width files it is universally readable by any program by defining the column locations of the data found in the accompanying dictionary, but this can be a tedious process, which is why IPUMS provides ready made syntax files for the most common statistical programs. If you are looking for documentation for how to get IPUMS data into R, I’d suggest downloading as a CSV and then reading in that CSV file into R. Beyond this step, unfortunately we don’t have much as far as instructions for R users.

We are always eager to make our data more accessible to researchers and appreciate any suggestions you may have for how to accomplish this. If you have ideas for what instructions for reading data into R might look like, or how we could better support R, do not hesitate to email with your thoughts.



nhisdata <- read.dta("full path/to your file/nhis00.dta")


nhis <- svydesign(id=~psu, strata=~strata, weights=~perweight, data=nhisdata)


Any chance you ask something more specific?