Is it possibel to use ipums data in R?

I don’t have access to other software besides R. I was wondering if there was a command file to use the .DAT file in R, or if there was a way to adjust one of the other files to use in R.


While we do not provide support for using IPUMS data in R, it is possible, and some users do use R to analyze IPUMS data. One common approach is to request a CSV file from us (click ‘change’ to the right of ‘data format’ before submitting your extract request). Then, users often import into a database such as SQLite using a package such as sqldf. You can find a general code template for doing this here.

Here’s what I do:

(1) choose “STATA” as “data format” in, for example,…

(2) in R:


df <- read.dta(“ipums_filename.dta”)

This reads the ipums file into a dataframe named “df”.

Updating this old post in case it comes up in searches for R support in IPUMS.
We now provide IPUMS support for R. The ipumsr package allows you to read data from your IPUMS extract into R along with the associated metadata like variable labels, value labels and more.
The package is available through CRAN with instructions here: