Survey Weights in R

How do I apply survey weights in R for IPUMS USA Data? I’ve tried using the survey package, but it returns a list and I am not sure where to go next. Any guidance is helpful - thanks!

This forum post should have the answer to your question. Please let me know if you would like further clarification on any of the inputs into the survey package.

I am able to follow that post to get the survey output, but I am not sure how to proceed. I am hoping to visualize the weighted findings and am unfamiliar with what to do next. Do you happen to have any resources and/or answers? Anything would be helpful - thank you!

There are many different data visualizations that can be accomplished using R. You may be interested in these visualization in R resources from GeeksforGeeks and R for Data Science to get started. One of the simplest visualizations you could do is to plot the variable by creating a new variable
(e.g. NewVar<- data$[insert variable name]) and running the function plot() with this new variable (i.e. plot(NewVar)).

I also forgot to mention that we recommend researchers use replicate weights (REPWTP) to produce empirically robust standard errors. I am linking to guidance on implementing replicate weights in R from IPUMS USA.