1991 Brazilian: BRA91A_RENTBRKT doesn't match the online freq table, and doesn't reconcile with BR91A_RENT.

In the 1991 Brazilian, the actual breakdown of BRA91A_RENTBRKT doesn’t match its online frequency table. The online table has ~10 codes but the actual variable has about ~100 (though only 10 are labelled). I can’t get the frequencies to line up between the two. Also it should correspond with BR91A_RENT but I can’t seem to make that work either.

The problem you are seeing is a known issue and has to due with the way household-level Unharmonized variables are attached to the extract file. IPUMS-International is currently working to fix this problem. The problem should be remedied with the next major update of the IPUMS-International website later this month.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.