Year of first marriage

I want to have information on the timing of 1st marriage, e.g., year/month of 1st marriage since 1995. I found that marital history is available only for 1995. I searched the FORUM and found that [MARRINYR] (Married in last 12 months), and [MARRNO](Number of times married), for the 2008-onward ACS samples. However, I could not find these variables from Data Extraction tool. Is there any way to find these variables? Also, is there any variable related to the timing of 1st marriage/divorce consistent across surveys since 1995?

The variables MARRINYR and MARRNO are available through IPUMS USA; it sounds like you may have been searching for them in IPUMS CPS instead. You can find these variables from the main data browsing page of IPUMS USA by clicking on the “Person” drop down menu and selecting the “Demographic” topic. Unfortunately, there is no variable for the timing of first marriage/divorce going back to 1995 in either ACS or CPS data. The variable DIVINYR is available in IPUMS USA for 2008-forward ACS data along with MARRINYR and MARRNO. As you noted, CPS includes information on marriage timing as part of the fertility supplement, but only through 1995.

Thank you for your answer! It seems that IPUMS USA requires a separate account from IPUMS CPS. I did find MARRINYR and MARRNO through IPUMS USA. Are individuals included in IPUMS USA the same as those in IPUMS CPS? My understanding is that they come from different data sources. I am interested in linking CPS-CWS supplement. Also, as for fertility supplement, most variables related to marriage is only available in 1995. I can’t find variables consistent across different years, other than MARST.

You will need to create a separate account for each dataset included as part of IPUMS; this helps us understand who uses each different dataset. The individuals in the ACS and CPS are not the same; these are two separate surveys fielded by the Census Bureau and the Bureau for Labor Statistics in conjunction with the Census Bureau, respectively. As you noted, there is no timing of marriage information available in the CPS (generally or via IPUMS) after 1995. If you are interested in using the CWS supplement of the CPS and linking individuals in this supplement to other months of CPS data, you may be interested in this information on linking the CPS.